The experience at the Alvi Armani clinic is far beyond what I was expecting. Everyone was nice to a point that I was no longer nervous about the procedure although I was very neverous at the beginning. When I sat down with the doctor, I could feel that he cares highly about his patients and not just some doctor trying to get someone in and out quickly. He took his time explaining everything to me as well as allowing me the opportunity to tell him how I would like my hair to look after. Also The professional crew are tremendously nice. Services such as biscuits, water and juices were offered even at times I didn't ask for and breaks were giving anytime I felt I needed one. The surgery was painless.

I have had 4 surgeries with the Alvi Armani clinic totaling over 9,000 grafts. I have had procedures with both Dr. Armani and his sister Dr. Sara Armani in Toronto as well as Dr. Baubac in the Beverly Hills clinic. All 3 were great and so are my results!!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Latest update!

Some updated photos of me on vacation this summer. My hair looks better then ever. Thank you Alvi Armani.for amazing FUE hair transplant

Here are some photos of me jet skiing this summer. My hair looks awesome, even on the lake in the water.

Here are some updated photos of my result from Alvi Armani clinic. Enjoy!

Latest Photos

Here are a few photos taken of me last week.....

Here are some updated photos of my results. These are taken while I am driving down the highway in my convertible. I never would have thought I would be driving with the top down as my hair blows in the wind!!

Updated photos

Here are my updated photos. My results have really grown in, and I am only at about 60% total growth. I tell you, if this were my final result today I would be thrilled over the moon, but I still see new growth coming in every week. People who haven't seen me in a year or so do not believe it is me! People are totally shocked. I can see why, looking below at my before and after phtoos side by side, boy what a difference. I will have more updates to come as the density continues to come in.

(click photos to make bigger)

Crown update

Just under 2 months out from my Crown procedure now and I can already see a big difference. The hairs are poking thru everywhere.

Few weeks after Crown procedure

Here I am a few weeks after my crown procedure. You can really see my hairline starting to come in, and in the back you can see the crown healing.

Crown procedure

Here are photos right after my crown procedure. As you can see the entire area was covered, it should really be good density. This along with my first procedure should give me very nice coverage. Again the surgery went very well.

Before my 2nd procedure

These are my photos right befor my 2nd procedure (my crown procedure). You can see the very beginnings of my new hairline starting to come in from my first procedure a few weeks ago. It has me excited already. Now I am going back to the Armani clinic to have the back done.